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Parenting can be a challenge when you have the support of a caring partner or family close by, so imagine being a single mother of three, working full-time at minimum wage, and discovering a fourth child would be arriving in just a few short months. Where would you turn, if you were in need? Missy came to LFCS.

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Missy was a dedicated, single mother of a nine-year-old boy and two daughters, ages three and seven. She worked overnights so that she could be there for breakfasts before school, family dinners, homework, and bedtime prayers. Her unconditional love for her three little ones was evident. She beamed when she talked about them and always put their needs ahead of her own. But it was not easy and she had very little support from family.

One summer day, Missy discovered she was pregnant with baby number four. Loving another baby would be easy, but how would she provide for the needs of an infant? She had nothing extra as it was, without the expense of additional diapers, formula, clothing, medical bills and more. The future seemed uncertain.

Missy continued to work and set aside any money she could to prepare for the baby. Her son and daughters were excited to have a new sibling and shared their name choices almost daily. In her seventh month of pregnancy, Missy was forced to leave her job because the physical demands were too much. Fear for their future soon set in. Bills started to pile up. She wasn’t sure how she would make rent, buy diapers for her toddler or put gas in her car. She was terrified of having her utilities shut off, or even worse, being evicted. Missy needed help.

At church on Sunday, she read a bulletin announcement about the services provided at Lutheran Family and Children’s Services. First thing Monday morning, Missy called LFCS. She was connected with a caseworker and together they discussed Missy’s needs. They established a course of action to help her continue paying her bills until after the baby came, set up financial assistance from LFCS during those hardest months when she wasn’t able to work, and made a plan to make sure she didn’t fall behind finacially. To prepare for the baby’s arrival, Missy was connected with other services providers to receive a pack n’ play and other supplies she needed.

During one LFCS counseling session, Missy shared an interest in returning to school to further her education and have higher earning potential. She wanted a better life for herself and wanted to show her kids a better life too. Her caseworker helped her enroll in a degree program that she could complete after the baby arrived and while working full-time.

Within weeks of making that first phone call, so much had changed. She was now ready to share her unconditional love with her fourth child and she had a plan for their future. Missy knew she and her children would be okay thanks to the help she received from LFCS.


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