Promise of Family through Reunification


Family means something different for just about everyone. Ideally, family means the people who love and care for you; those you see everyday, parents, grandparents or siblings. What happens when that ideal shifts or breaks apart? At LFCS, we work to make sure that family is forever in all the ways it is formed.

Jeremiah’s Story

At only 8-years old, Jeremiah had been exposed to too much. His parents, although loving, put their addiction before his safety and regularly abused drugs in his presence. When both his mom and dad were arrested and incarcerated on drug charges, Jeremiah was placed in foster care.

The separation devastated Jeremiah’s mother. She was disappointed in herself and knew she had to make better choices in the future. She vowed to follow her written service agreement so that she could be reunited with her son as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah adjusted to the new normal of living with his foster family. Rules, boundaries and routines were set for him. He thrived.

As months passed, Jeremiah’s foster mom and mother formed a great relationship. They bonded over shared photos, stories and hopes for the future for Jeremiah. Soon it was time for him to make the transition home.

The foster parents hosted a party for Jeremiah and his mom and asked the guests to help send him home by bringing one of his favorite snacks. It was a small way for all the people who had grown to love Jeremiah to show they cared. It also helped his mom fill the pantry with the things her son loved.

Jeremiah’s father returned home soon after the reunification. He formed a bond with Jeremiah’s foster parents as well; grateful his son received such unconditional love and guidance from total strangers.

Together, the two sets of parents continue to communicate and Jeremiah even spends a few weekends with his foster family when his parents have to work. They are a family – helping each other to give Jeremiah a great childhood.