In order to meet the needs of the children in the custody of the Children’s Division, and their biological, foster and adoptive families, LFCS has joined with PARTNERS to maximize resources. In response to the performance based contracts issued by the state of Missouri, PARTNERS networks have evolved to formal relationships between agencies, with a common Vision and Mission for Missouri’s children.

PARTNERS is a coalition of private agencies in partnership with the Missouri Children’s Division. Our goal is creating an effective system to serve children and families, increasing opportunities, resources, and support for permanency. Through contracts with PARTNERS agencies, LFCS is providing case management, recruitment, training and assessments for families.

St. Louis PARTNERS agencies are Good Shepherd Children & Family Services, and Bringing Families Together. St. Louis PARTNERS provides case management services to children and their families in the counties of St. Charles, Jefferson, and St. Louis in addition to St. Louis City. Have a question? Send us an e-mail!

Think You Are Too Old To Adopt or become a Foster Parent?

Watch Zion’s Story – a video from the Dave Thomas Foundation. The foundation focuses on recruitment of children from the foster care system and older child adoption.