Pregnant and Considering Adoption

At LFCS, we understand that considering adoption is an extremely personal decision. Our compassionate case workers are here to listen and empower you to make the best choice for you and your child. We provide education and non-judgmental counseling to support your needs and wishes whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan.

An overview of what to expect when making an adoption plan can be found here. This information is also available in Spanish here

We know that the decisions you are facing are difficult, but you are not alone. Contact us today at [email protected] or call 866-326-5327 for a consultation, and our experienced staff will help you understand your options and how the adoption process works. All of our services are free and confidential.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Adoption is a life-giving option for you and your baby that is based in love and compassion. By choosing adoption, you are choosing a loving family to care for your child and providing your child with a safe and stable home where they can thrive.

The professional caseworkers at LFCS will support your needs and wishes as you make your decision, connect with an adoptive family, plan for your baby’s birth, and decide what level of openness (contact with the adoptive family) you prefer for your adoption plan. We will continue to guide you through your journey for as long as you need.

At LFCS, we encourage our clients to be as involved with the selection process as they wish. A person making an adoption plan can take part in selecting the adoptive family and can determine the degree of contact, if any, they would like to have with the adoptive family. Click here to see families who are waiting to adopt a child.

Openness in adoption refers to the type and amount of interaction between birth family, adoptive family, and the adoptee. Contact among all parties may involve shared updates and pictures or in person visits.  Openness allows the birth family, adoptive family, and the adoptee to maintain contact and build a relationship over time.

We understand that many factors must be considered when faced with such an important decision. Pregnant women considering adoption often re-evaluate their plan as they move through the adoption process. The caring social workers at LFCS will support you throughout your pregnancy and delivery, whether you choose to parent or make an adoption plan.