Families Waiting to Adopt

Below are a few of our families who are waiting to adopt a child.

If you are considering the option of adoption and are interested in learning more about any of these families or other families pursing adoption through LFCS, please contact us today.

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24-Hour Adoption Line: 1-800-785-8546

Main Office: 1-866-326-LFCS(5327)

Rob & Kate

Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We are keenly aware of the enormous decision that you are in the process of making. We pray that you feel supported and loved as you grapple with the unknown.

Caleb & Rebekah

Thank you for taking the time to read about our family. We had an infertility journey that took us toward adoption in 2010, but were then surprised to find out we were pregnant with our daughter. Since then, secondary infertility has kept us from growing our family. We have been praying for you since beginning our adoption journey, eagerly awaiting the day that God would cause our paths to cross. We are so in awe of your courageous decision to consider placing your child for adoption. What an amazing gift!

Jack & Nikki

We are very excited, along with all of our extended family and friends, about our adoption journey! As you look through our pages at these snapshots of our life we hope that you will see the love that we have for each other and our passion for being parents and raising a family

Jason & Lori

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We admire your compassion and courage to consider adoption. Our promise to you is that we will provide a loving, nurturing, and fun-filled family life. We look forward to learning more about you as you learn about us.

Hugh & Lauren

Choosing adoption is a hard thing to do, and is both courageous and inspirational. We hope to develop an open relationship with you because you are an important part of your baby’s life.

Tanner & Micaela

Thank you for taking the time to get to know our little family! Adoption has always been in our heart. We have SO much love to give & feel adoption is a perfect path for us to extend our family (which includes you, as long as you feel comfortable).

Jamie & Jason

We are Jamie and Jason. We are excited to give you a snapshot into our lives and possibly your child’s future life.

Ermin & Dzevada

We hope that with our adoption profile, you get to know us enough to know how grateful we are for the courage and love you have for your baby. If you choose us, we are very excited about a chance to meet you and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We would be thrilled to welcome you and your child into our family and hope and pray that you will be able to find peace with whatever decision you make.

Brittney & Drew

I hope this profile gives you a glimpse at how much we love each other, and how thankful we are for the support system we have around us. We promise that a child who joins our family through adoption will be loved, cherished, nurtured, and guided. We promise to support him/her in whatever they are passionate about in life. We promise to give hugs every day and surround them with love. We are honored for the opportunity to tell you our dreams for the future. It’s important to us to be open with an adopted child about their roots, background, story, and especially the importance of their birth family.

Jessica & Isaac

What you are doing is incredible. We know it is one of the hardest, if not the hardest decisions of your life, but we are so glad that you are considering us. You and your baby are so valued by us and we want to make sure that you know that.

Theresa & Ryan

We have always dreamed of being parents, even before we were married. After six years of infertility we welcomed our first child, Hannah, into our family through adoption. We greatly desire to expand our family and know that Hannah will be the best big sister. We cannot understand how difficult your decision is, but we know that we will be forever be bonded with you. We can’t promise you that we will be perfect parents, but we will always unconditionally love this child and honor their family background. We are excited to walk in this journey with you.

Received Placement

Christopher & Leslie

We’re excited for you to learn more about us and are thrilled to become adoptive parents. We admire your compassion for your child and your courage to consider adoption. Our promise to you is that we will provide your child with a loving, nurturing, fun family and life. Thanks for taking time to get to know us!

Joe & Megan

We want to introduce ourselves, we are Joe and Megan. As you continue to read our story, we hope you see the amount of love, joy, and excitement we have for you and your child.

Cory & Jodi

We are so incredibly grateful that you have chosen adoption, and are over the moon that you would like to get to know us! We want you to know that with all the uncertainty that may lie before us, what is certain is how much your child will be loved. What we experience together will always be a part of your child’s story, and we have so much admiration for your strength and faith. Our family prays for you and your sweet baby everyday while we lovingly wait for our family to grow.

Brandon & Catherine

We understand this is the biggest decision that you will ever make. Hopefully this profile gives you some insight into our family and allows you to see the love and happiness that we’re so anxious to share with this child.

Eric & Mary Ann

Thank you so much for giving our family the opportunity to show you who we are and how much love we have to give to your child. We understand this must be a very difficult and emotional time for you. We admire your courage to be able to go through this and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts to consider an adoption plan for your child.