The staff at LFCS understand that adoption is not one moment in time but rather a life-long experience for all of those it touches.  We have developed the following resources related to adoption and will be adding more soon!


Empty to Full: A Journal for Infertility Grief and an Exploration of the Adoption Path

This is a guided journal to help move through the grief and loss endured during the infertility experience; and provide an opportunity to explore if adoption might be the right next step in growing your family. This journal is meant to be a general roadmap through the exploration of the common feelings, fears, questions and myths; with a goal of experiencing validation for your emotions as you find hope in the journey.

Available on Amazon for $10.00


My Adoption Story Belongs to Me: A Guided Journal Where I Can Explore My Adoption Story

Is adoption part of your story? This guided journal and coloring book is for adoptees who want to explore their adoption story. Whether you were adopted as a baby or older, through foster care or a private agency, in the United States or somewhere else, this journal will help you tell your unique adoption story. There are questions and activities to help adoptees explore the complicated feelings that come along with adoption. This journal is written specifically for adoptees who are ready to answer both easy and hard questions, on their own or with a loving adult to guide them through their exploration.

Available on Amazon for $10.00


My Adoption Activity Book: Adoption-Themed Fun for Kids

My Adoption Activity Book is a fun-filled book of puzzles, games, and writing prompts for kids to celebrate their adoption story! This activity book gives kids a light-hearted way to explore their own story and to prompt conversations with their adoptive family. Appropriate for any adoption type, this activity book is perfect for any elementary-aged adoptee!

Available on Amazon for $4.99