Prevention Services

LFCS offers Behavioral Health Prevention Services across St. Louis Metro Area and Franklin County.

Across St. Louis City and County schools, the Step-UP Program serves students in grades 3-8 in order to develop and improve important life skills like leadership, character development and problem-solving.  The program addresses issues such as bullying, substance abuse, violence and other risky behaviors in group settings. One-on-one follow-up services are offered to students identified by school staff or parents who may be in need of additional support. These individuals sessions are meant to create positive, healthy changes in students’ attitudes and behaviors.

Trauma Informed Care through Franklin County Cares
LFCS is the premiere provider of trauma-informed prevention services in Franklin County. In partnership with FCCRB, Franklin County Cares delivers education to community leaders and organizations in Franklin County on a variety of trauma topics. This includes law enforcement, medical workers, child welfare staff, Chamber of Commerce members and local business personnel. We also provide intensive trauma training, consultation and one-on-one interventions to K-12 schools following the Missouri Model for Trauma Informed Schools.

School faculty and staff learn how to:

  • effectively recognize the presence of trauma symptoms.
  • understand the role trauma may play in an student’s life.
  • use trauma-informed language.
  • create a trauma-informed classroom setting.
  • utilize correct trauma-informed discipline techniques.
  • recognize the signs of secondary trauma in one’s self.

One-on-one intervention services utilize evidence-based programs to support students who have experienced trauma. Clients develop skills to:

  • process traumatic experiences.
  • manage the effects of those experiences.
  • begin healing.

The overall goal of these services is to incorporate cutting-edge trauma knowledge into school policies, practices and procedures. By doing so, we can develop a trauma-informed culture.


These programs are funded by the generosity of:




For more information about Behavioral Health Prevention Services or to obtain services in your school, email us now.