LFCS provides guardianship suitability studies. Guardianships allow whoever the caregiver is for the child/children (grandparents, aunts, uncles, older sibling) to be able to add them to their insurance, enroll them in school, get medical care and have the peace of mind that the children are in a safe stable environment.

Part of the requirements are to have a licensed child placing agency, such as LFCS, come to your home and complete the guardianship report or suitability study. LFCS will gladly provide this service and has many years of experience in this area to help guide you through the process. LFCS also offers counseling if the children have experienced some type of trauma that has brought you to the point of a legal guardianship.

Once a guardianship study is completed by LFCS, many families use an attorney to file the guardianship petition. Individuals can also file by themselves after getting a packet from the St Louis County Probate Court in the mail or online.

For more information, contact Bev Schaefer at 314-754-2749.