Foster Care Services

When children cannot be cared for by their birth parents, LFCS is here to help with vital foster care services.

In Franklin County, LFCS also works with foster families who are specifically trained to provide care to children who have been abused or neglected and are in the state foster care system.  The program is called St. Louis Partners, which is a collaborative effort between LFCS, Good Shepard, Bringing Families Together, and Our Little Haven.

In St. Louis, LFCS is a member of St. Louis Partners. Through this partnership, we are driven to advocate for all children in need of foster care. From placing siblings together, to understanding the important urgency for children with specific needs, our combined histories bring stability and compassion to the intricacies of foster care.

LFCS also provides foster/adoption services.


Are you interested in being a foster parent?

To be a foster parent, you must be:

  • 21 years or older
  • single or married
  • be of good, moral character
  • be willing to care for additional children in your home.

To learn more about LFCS Foster Care Services, please complete this online inquiry or contact us at the following:

Franklin County: 314-808-3997        St. Louis: 314-787-5100

Toll-Free: 866-326-LFCS        Email

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