First Time Parents Part 2: Dads

first time dad onsie
by LFCS Therapist, Tanya Lemmon, MSW, LCSW

Last week I posted a blog on First Time Parents:  Moms.  Here’s another one with tips for first time dads!

  • Thankfully, children do not come full grown! They grow one step at a time. “You have time to learn and time to make mistakes.” (9 Tips for New Fathers)
  • You are a team. “Whatever your circumstances are, remember to value your role as a father and be as involved as you can, right from day one.
  • Your child and your partner need you in lots of different ways. Your time and help will contribute greatly to your relationships with both of them. “(Becoming a Parent).
  • Don’t try to do too much in one day.  You need extra time to do everything once you have a baby.
  • Be sure to communicate well with your spouse. Ask her what she needs from you and how she feels. Share with her your feelings and needs too.
  • This is a helpful video…
  • …and this a sweet video about being a dad.J