First Time Parents Part 1: Moms

first time mom
Blog by LFCS Therapist, Tanya Lemmon, MSW, LCSW

My husband and I will become first time parents this December! We are so excited but we also have admitted to each other the reality of our concerns about being good enough parents for our little one.

We have talked to friends who are already parents and thankfully, honest about the various thoughts and emotions they have experienced as well as reading some of the many resources available to first time parents.

Here are a few things I found helpful for first time moms. (The second post will be on helpful tips for first time dads.)

  • “If motherhood is not what you expected, it is easy to blame yourself or believe motherhood is not for you. However, it is important to remember that no one is perfect. Motherhood is an enormously challenging job!” (Becoming a Parent). From various articles I have read it seems common for first time mom’s to fear they are “doing it all wrong” when their child is not responding how they expect.
  • Ask for and accept help. Important advice for those of us who think we need to be independent.
  • Avoid comparing your child with other children. It is a temptation in life in general to compare our lives with others. It’s important to remember each child is unique. Some children are more difficult to settle than others.
  • Avoid multitasking as much as possible. Being present with your child is a frequent suggestion I’ve read due to how quickly the child grows up, and much more important than keeping up on household tasks.
  • Sleep when your baby sleeps and try to accept the reality of feeling tired rather than being angry about being tired.
  • Trust your instinct when it comes to caring for your child. Avoid overanalyzing and obsessing about what you read online.
  • Finally, here is a video I found with great tips! Warning, it’s a tearjerker.