The Stress of Moving


With each passing week of summer, for sale signs seem to pop up more and more in area neighborhoods. With the excitement of a new home, comes the stress of moving. This stress isn’t just felt by the parents. Kid are also impacted when their entire lives are placed into boxes and carried off to another place.

If you are facing an upcoming move, you might question what effects it can have on your children. Be aware of the positive and negative emotions and their effects. Doing so can help you and your children adjust and prepare for challenges.

This article from describes many different effects of moving that children may experience including emotional consequences, academic challenges, separation anxiety, and struggles with self-esteem. This might sound very daunting and negative but the good news is that there are ways you can help your child through a move.

KidsHealth provides strategies you can use when you have an upcoming move. It can be important to talk to your children about the move and acknowledge their feelings. Letting children know what to expect, including visiting their new school and seeing their new home in advance, can make for a smooth transition.