Becoming A Parent

It’s a big decision to become a parent, and a huge responsibility.  There are many people that get pregnant each year and decide to parent a child.  There are many things to consider when deciding if parenting is the right decision for you.

  • Your daily life will change.
  • You will have to consider your plans for the future.
  • There is the cost of raising a child to consider.
  • You’ll have to take into account the support you have from your family…from your partner.

The road ahead is challenging, but it can be done.  We can help.

Maybe you haven’t decided what you want to do and you need help figuring it out.  We can help.

Maybe you aren’t sure you are ready to be a parent and you have a family member that would help you care for the child temporarily. Or maybe you feel like this isn’t the best time to become a parent but you are not sure how adoption works.  We can help.

LFCS has caring, professional staff that are experts and deal with these questions every day.

We are here to help you!

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