Franklin County Office

15 South Oak
Union, Missouri  63084

314-258-6169 24-Hour Hotline ~ Pregnancy Services

In 2010, LFCS began operating in Franklin County by providing parent education and pregnancy services to families in need out of local Lutheran Churches. Since that time, LFCS has grown to include several additional services.  We opened the LFCS office in Union in October 2014.  The agency itself began as an orphanage in 1868 with a mission to protect and nurture children without a home.  Today the agency continues the mission of helping families, children and individuals in Missouri experience greater hope and wholeness of life. The services provided by LFCS are open to everyone regardless of race, faith, national origin, gender, or age. Over 80 percent of the clients served are not of the Lutheran faith.

The Franklin County office provides four main programs:

  1. Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption Services: This program is geared for families who are pregnant and in crisis. We offer hope to families through case management and counseling services by professional social workers. For families who are planning to parent, we can work with you throughout your pregnancy and until the baby is one year old!  For families who are considering adoption for your unborn baby, we will be happy to talk with you about your options and what is best for your baby.  If you are unsure of your plan, please call us and we will support you through this difficult decision while focusing on the best interest of your baby.  Call Linda or Megan at 314-281-1713 if you are interested in learning more about our programs for pregnant women and families!
  2. Counseling Services: LFCS therapists provide counseling services for children, adults, couples and families. Our comprehensive treatment approach includes evidence-based methods, individual and family therapy, treatment planning, as well as school and psychiatric consultation. Life can be stressful at times, and our therapists can help you cope so you can begin the healing process. Call our main offices at 866-326-LFCS to schedule an initial meeting today.
  3. Foster Parent Services: In the Franklin County office, LFCS also works with foster families who are specifically trained to provide care to children who have been abused or neglected and are in the state foster care system. The program is called St. Louis Partners, which is a collaborative effort between LFCS, Good Shepard, Bringing Families Together, and Our Little Haven. We provide foster/adoption services, as well.  To be a foster parent, you must be 21 years or older, you can be single or married, be of good, moral character and be willing to care for additional children in your home.  Please contact Emily Thoenen at 314-808-3997 to learn more about this program. Inquire online now!
  4. Foster Care Case Management:  In cooperation with Missouri Department of Social Services- Children’s Division, LFCS in Franklin County provides contracted foster care case management services to families whose children have been placed in the foster care system. These children have been placed in the custody of the State of Missouri by the Family Court due to issues of abuse and/or neglect.  A case manager is assigned to each case and assists the family by linking them to resources within the community, overseeing the family’s progress toward reunification or another permanency option, monitoring child safety and stability, and providing recommendations to the Family Court in legal proceedings.