A Promise to Care – Maternal Mental Health Services


Caring for children is often instinctual. But what happens when a mother struggles with post-partum depression…when she can barely get out of bed, much less meet the needs of her child? Does that mother care for her child any less? Having access to mental health services at such a critical moment can be life saving for both mom and child. LFCS fulfills this need with our Maternal Mental Health program in Boone County.

Terra was not new to motherhood. She had a nine year old daughter, Hadley, and delivered a healthy baby boy three years ago. Tragically, at just 7-weeks the infant died of SIDS. She, her husband, and daughter were devastated and did what they could to address their grief.

A year after their loss, Terra was pregnant again. Every day was filled with worry. The family feared the unknown because of the heartbreak they felt not so long ago. As the signs of winter faded and the green leaves of daffodils peaked through the ground, Terra delivered her second baby boy. The new life she held in her arms was difficult to celebrate in the wake of her first son’s death. One life, she thought, could not replace another.

Months past and although Terra was providing for her children, she was disconnected from their care. Hadley was withdrawing too. After the third note home from school about Hadley’s behavior, Terra took action. She had heard about the Maternal Mental Health services offered by LFCS on the news. She looked the contact information up online and submitted a request for more information.

Fortunately, LFCS was able to support this mother and daughter in their time of need. Terra was able to address the causes of her anxiety and depression and find better ways to cope. Hadley felt secure enough to open up about her feelings and learned communication techniques. Within a month of enrolling in the Maternal Mental Health program, Terra and Hadley both had a better outlook on their present and future.


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