LFCS Provides Crisis Care

Are you facing a life crisis and need care for your child?

Did you know that Lutheran Family and Children’s Services can help?

Before taking out your depression, anxiety, or hopelessness on your kids, contact LFCS. Homelessness, domestic violence, loss of a job, loss of a spouse/significant other, drug issues, and mental issues can push a parent over the edge. LFCS can offer hope during a life crisis by providing loving foster care for up to 30 days for children five and under. We assign a social worker to the parent(s) to help navigate problems. We work to get parents back on track so they can get their children back quickly and in a better frame of mind.

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. LFCS is doing everything we can to keep children safe by offering a hand to parents experiencing some of life’s most difficult problems.

Contact us today.