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i Advocate“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” In Hollywood playgrounds, it’s easy to spot the villain, because they’ll be bullying someone who can’t defend themselves. The hero immediately steps in to deliver justice, saying their good guy catchphrase. The hero’s actions ensure that the victim is given the right to eat their lunch, play sandlot baseball, or not have a wedgie, just like everyone else. Advocacy. It’s simple, right?

In real life, things simply aren’t that black and white, and problems are rarely fixed by a good guy swooping in to save the day. Instead, it is on every person’s shoulders to protect those who are unable to protect themselves, to step up, to do the right thing.  Advocacy doesn’t get glorified quite the way that you may have thought it did when you were a child, but that doesn’t make it any less important. There are so many people that need help.

When you advocate, first you identify something as unfair or wrong, then you recognize that the people it impacts cannot fix it by themselves. Lastly, you make a commitment to helping them. When some people hear that, they respond “That sounds like a lot of work.”  I’ll be honest with you, it is a big job, but here’s the thing: the more people who commit to advocacy, the easier making change gets.

A great way to advocate is through contacting your policymakers. Joining Lutheran’s Online Advocacy Network makes it easy! Notifications will allow you respond to Action Alerts when your voice can make a difference for children and families. Doing so will protect and grow programs that make such an impact in the lives of vulnerable children and families.

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Do you want to be an advocate for foster children, at-risk families, pregnant women, individuals with mental health concerns, or those impacted by natural disasters? I am, and Lutheran Family and Children’s Services’ Online Advocacy Network makes it easy. I get Action Alerts when my voice can make a difference. Join at

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