Families Waiting to Adopt

Below are a few of our families who are waiting to adopt a child.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these families call or text our 24 hour intake line at 314-258-6169 or contact us at 1-866-326-LFCS(5327) or email hidden; JavaScript is required.


I am deeply committed to expanding my family through the wonderful process of adoption and am thankful you are choosing to grant that blessing to a family. Your commitment to providing your baby with a wonderful home is a blessing for me as an adoptive mother. I would consider being chosen as your baby’s mom a miracle for which I can never thank you enough.

Jason & Katie

We are so grateful that you have chosen adoption and are considering us as adoptive parents for your child.  Our lives were forever changed and blessed by adoption when we welcomed our daughter, Aspen, into our family two and a half years ago.  Each day we marvel at the tremendous love and selflessness it takes for birth parents to choose adoption.


Jerry & Stephanie

We are grateful and humbled that you would consider us as the potential adoptive parents for your child. We cannot put into words how moved we are by your courageous, selfless plan for your child. Throughout our marriage, we have tried for a baby and are unable to conceive. After years of trying we were finally able to hear God clearly and understand that we were meant to adopt. We adopted our daughter, Evey, in early 2013. We are once again filled with joy at the possibly of building our family through adoption a second time.

Jarod & Kim

We know that certain life events have led all of us to this point.  Adoption is not something that any of us knew would bring us together.  Yet we find ourselves reaching out to you to consider selecting us as the adoptive family for our child.

Mike & Jenny

We respect you and the choices you must make to provide your child the miracle of life. We admire the courage, selflessness, and love in your heart as you consider an adoption plan.  We are pleased that you are taking the time to learn more about us.  We have many blessings to share and an abundance of love to give. In fact, among the gifts we have to offer a child are devotion of family, a faithful marriage of 19 years, and unconditional love.


Ben & Laura

We can’t begin to imagine the mixture of emotions you are feeling. The decision you have made is one of tremendous undertaking and selfless love. We thank you for choosing a life for your child, a life complete with all of the hugs, laughter, lullabies and love you desire.


Matt & Katie

When my nephew Carter was younger, he told his parents he wanted a brother.  They told him to wish and pray every day for his dream to come true.  After hearing this story, I realized I too was wishing and praying for a baby to complete my life dreams.


Nathan & Donna

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us. We can only imagine what you are going through as you decide who will be raising your child. We can’t thank you enough for choosing to make an adoption plan for your child. Due to making this choice, you have allowed people who are eager to be a parent and cherish a baby of their own possible. We feel that adoption is a gift and we appreciate you considering us.

Josh & Melanie

We are so happy and excited to have begun this process of adoption. And thank you for letting us be part of this journey with you, and for considering us to become parents for your child. Becoming parents is something we have dreamed of for many years.

Larry & Heather

“Birthparent” sounds very generic, but let me tell you that you are anything but generic to us.  You are so special to us already and we are praying for you even though we don’t know your name yet.  Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to introduce ourselves and tell you about us and our family.

Jason & Annie

Hello! We are Annie & Jason and we are so grateful you have taken the time to look through our profile. We know that this is a very difficult and confusing time in your life and our prayer for you is to find hope and confidence through this process.


Nick & Micah

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about us and for considering us as you make the difficult decision of who will parent your child. We have been praying and dreaming about this day for a long time. We are so excited to become parents and welcome a child into our loving family.

Brian & Megan

Thank you for taking the time to consider us! We cannot image the stress this decision is bringing to you, but we hope to ease your mind with this letter. You are making an amazing and brave choice for your unborn child! We know that with this decision comes lots of questions about us and we hope that this letter and book will help to answer some of them.


Fred & Heather

We want to start by saying how much we admire you for making the loving choice to create an adoption plan. You are making a brave and selfless decision. Thank you for allowing us the chance to share our story with you through this album.


Josh & Betsy

We are writing you this letter to thank you for taking the time to learn a little about us. We pray daily for the child that God has already chosen for us to spend the rest of our lives loving and caring for. We can’t imagine what you have gone through thus far to come to the decision of adoption, but at the same time we are so excited that such a blessing will be born. We may never feel or understand the emotions that you are dealing with during this process but we do empathize with them


Michael & Sara

We promise to cherish and love your child like a gift from God every day and pray that we never take it for granted. Adoption is a beautiful thing that we are  thankful to experience and there is no doubt that your child has a unique plan that we hope to be part of.

James & Monica

We want you to know, if we are chosen, we will love your child unconditionally. We will talk openly about adoption and the strong, thoughtful and courageous decision of his/her birth parents. We cannot wait to meet you and to talk about the options of openness with you.

Ken & Angela

We are Ken and Angela and are so grateful that you’re considering our family for adoption. We cannot imagine the difficult decisions ahead. We pray for you and your journey no matter what the outcome might be. The amount of courage to look at all options regardless of how difficult it feels really shows the love you have for your child. We always want him/her to know and feel that love and will do anything we can to show that.


Chris & Kathryn

We are honored that you are taking this time to get to know us, but before we begin to tell you a little about our life, we want you to know that we are praying for you constantly. We are praying that you feel a peace that surpasses all understanding and that you find an overwhelming sense of comfort in a time we imagine must be full of so many emotions.


Chris & Anna

We can’t even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. This is a decision that cannot be taken lightly.  However, we want you to know that if we are selected to be your child’s parents, he or she will experience love that we can’t even begin to describe.  We know how much love you already have for this child and even though there is only hope of this child for us, we already love this child too.

Seth & Deb

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell you a little bit about ourselves. We believe in adoptions and have pursued adoption for many years as a way to grow our family.  We have never been in your shoes, but we know you are making this decision out of love for your child.  

Michael & Jessica

Thank you for viewing our album. We hope it will give you a glimpse of our life and the life we hope to give a child someday. There is nothing we want more than to become parents and we appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to share a little bit about who we are with you.

Tom & Susan

We promise to give your child unconditional love, learning, adventure, fun and laughter should you select us to parent your child. We are willing to navigate through an open adoption and look forward to getting to know you and adding not only a child to our family, but a lifelong friendship with you and your family.

Doug and Kristy

We make a great team. When Doug was finishing school to become a principal, Kristy took on more responsibilities at home. When Kristy started her own business, Doug found ways to earn extra money.  We value hard work, education, family, and faith.

God has a plan for us. We have celebrated many chapters in our lives.  We are looking forward to becoming first-time parents through adoption. Welcome to our story.

Robert & Lindsey

How does one start out a letter to a person they have never met, but are so grateful for? We cannot even begin to imagine all the emotions you must be experiencing during this time. Our respect for you is beyond words. You are turning a difficult situation into a gift for someone

Received Placement

Peter & Amy

When we got married, we always knew that we wanted children. We were blessed to adopt our daughter, Emma, 2 years ago. We met with Emma’s birth mom and jointly decided to have an open adoption in which we share letters and pictures via email several times a year. We are open to having an open adoption, or whatever is preferred by the birth parents.

Brian & Melissa

Thanks for taking the time to view our profile.  The journey you  are about to embark on cannot be described.  We won’t attempt to imagine the roller coaster of emotions that you are going through, but we will say this, you are going to make the right choice.  You are already thinking of the wellbeing of your child before your feelings and already making sacrifices to ensure the prosperity of life that hasn’t even taken his or her first breath.

Michael & Sarah

As we begin our journey of adoption, we want you to know that we have  already prayed for the baby you carry.

The decision you are making is one that we admire and respect.  We will always make sure your child knows how much you love them and how much you sacrificed for them.  You will always hold a special place in our family and in our hearts.  We do not believe that anything happens by accident, and God has placed you in our lives for such a time as this.  Through your love and sacrifice, we would be honored to be your child’s adoptive parents.


I want to start by thanking you for taking the time to learn more about me.  I truly admire you as you begin to make this  decision.  I am honored that you are choosing to learn more about me and hope, through this profile, that you will see a clearer picture of who I am and the love and desire I have to bring another child into my home.    

Caleb & Devon

We can’t even begin to imagine what you are feeling or experiencing, but we are right here beside you in the journey.  Your bravery, selflessness and courage truly defines your love you have for your child.  Our hearts go out to you as you make a decision to change both your life and your child’s life.  We hope that you find peace not only for your child, but also for yourselves in this experience.

Heather & Longley

While we know this is a difficult and confusing time for you, we hope this album will provide a window into our life and the wonderful, loving home we can provide for a little one. We truly respect your decision to develop an adoption plan and know that it is likely one of the hardest tasks you have ever had to undertake.


Alex & Denise

First and foremost, thank you so much for your selfless gift of providing an adoptive home for your child.  We can only imagine the thought process and choices you made to reach this decision.  Your sacrifice is something that we do not take lightly.  It is because of this very sacrifice that we have a family and the dream of expanding it.  So again, thank you for offering HOPE.

Tyler & Michelle

We want to thank you for your courage and strength as you make this very difficult decision. We know you’re considering adoption out of a place of extraordinary love and selflessness. We have the utmost respect for you and share in your desire to provide the best future possible for your child.

Erik & Rachel

Your decision to consider adoption is such an act of love for your child. You are trusting a family to love your child as much as you do. As you read our profile, we hope it gives you some insight into our lives; who we are as individuals, who we are as a couple, and who we will be as parents. We have longed for a child for so long and we will devote our lives to ensuring that your child is loved and cared for every day.

Brandon & Kathryn

Thank you for taking the time to read about us. We are grateful to write to you about our family, our home, and our hopes and dreams for our child. We believe that you are making a courageous and selfless decision in choosing adoption for your baby. Your choice to trust another with your child humbles us. We can’t know what you are feeling right now, but please know that we are grateful to have the opportunity to become parents. We know without a doubt that adoption is the way that we are meant to grow our family and are so excited about the opportunity to do so.


Jeremy & Melody

We want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and considering us as parents for your child. We cannot even imagine the struggles that you are experiencing at this time in your life. To become parents would be the greatest gift and blessing to us and your child would be showered with unconditional love, acceptance and as well as opportunities to become all they are meant to be in life.


Pete & Tammy

You are an important person not only to our child, but to us. Our nieces often ask us, “When do we get a new little cousin to love and play with at your house?” I tell my nieces, “It’s all in God’s good timing!” We look forward to our journey with you and our child.