Waiting… something not too many people would say they are good at. Adoption is about waiting.  Waiting for your paperwork to be processed, waiting for your financial support to come, waiting to be matched, waiting for your baby to be born, waiting for court, etc.  Now having been through the process, I can finally say it is SO WORTH THE WAIT!  God’s hand was on our entire adoption experience and we can look back and see little miracles along the way leading up to our big MIRACLE.

Our journey began three years after we married when we began trying to have children. Two miscarriages resulted in uterus scarring, however, we were able to conceive our daughter Morgan.  Shortly after her birth, complications began and the scarring returned.  Doctors gave us a three percent chance of conceiving again.  After four more years of trying we decided to look into adoption.  We found Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) and went in to meet with our social worker, Evelyn, to see if domestic adoption was even a possibility for us.

Our biggest concern was financial because we are both teachers.  Evelyn suggested fundraisers, which scared us because we are not good at fundraising.  We decided to do a garage sale, create pallet art, write grants, and do website fundraisers.  We prayed and believed God would provide the money we needed to make our adoption possible.  A week before our daughter was born the final amount of adoption funding came in.

Waiting to hold our baby girl for the first time was the best kind of waiting.  We met her at the LFCS office.  She was three weeks old and beautiful!  Perfectly what we had been waiting for.  She completes our family in every way.  Those months of waiting and infertility were not easy but we will never take our miracle girls for granted.  Our transition from one child to two has been smooth because it feels like it was always meant to be.  LFCS made the whole experience and the wait, a beautiful and treasured memory.  We will be forever grateful to our social workers and our birth mom for making our family complete through adoption.


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