Support through my Unexpected Pregnancy


My life was going great! After working hard for years, I finally got a good job. It paid well above minimum wage and even offered health benefits and vacation. I also started back to school to earn a degree in my field. That’s when I found out I was pregnant. I was caught completely off guard.  School and work became more stressful. My blood pressure kept climbing –  even on medication.  And then, I lost the job I thought I would be at for the next 10 years. I struggled for months looking for work. Well into my pregnancy and noticeably pregnant, no one would hire me.

Fortunately, I found Lutheran Family and Children’s Services. I was assigned a pregnancy counselor and we met monthly. She was happy to listen to my problems and helped me make a plan to fix them. Her guidance gave me the tools to make positive decisions when so much around me seemed to go the other direction. As I got closet to my due date, LFCS made sure that I had everything the baby needed before my son arrived; clothes, diapers, a crib and a car seat.  They even helped me prepare for what to expect during delivery, in the hospital and during the first few months of motherhood. They shared information about other community agencies that could help me with physical and emotional needs once the baby was born. Because of the help I was given, my son made it into this world healthy and I was a better mom.

So many community agencies offer help, but I have never had true one-on-one support like I received from LFCS! Once I finish college and I am able to get back into a good job, I can’t wait to give back to LFCS. No other agency has committed time and resources like they have!  You can truly see Christ’s love through them, unconditional and graceful.

Thank you to everyone who donates to Lutheran Family and Children’s Services! It truly is appreciated by clients!