From overcoming challenges to overwhelming success; this is Sabrina’s story


Sabrina Photo

After getting sober and finding the strength to leave an abusive relationship, Sabrina found herself without a place for her and her two young sons to call home. When she learned that she was pregnant with her third child, she knew she needed help to create a better life for her children.

While looking at Facebook, Sabrina learned that a longtime friend was working with LFCS. She was attending parenting classes and getting resources to help support her new baby. This motivated Sabrina to reach out to LFCS for support and guidance during her own pregnancy. While she was scared to ask for help, she knew that she needed to be strong and do what as best for her family. 

Sabrina began working with her LFCS case worker, Shirley, who provided her with supportive counseling, parenting education, and resources to help her and her children. She was able to secure transitional housing and receiving prenatal care regularly thanks to Shirley’s help. 

After Sabrina welcomed her beautiful baby boy, Mykia, she made arrangements to leave transitional housing and stay with a family-friend. Unfortunately she was met with yet another challenge. Plans fell through, and she and her children were once again homeless, this time on Christmas Eve.

Sabrina didn’t allow herself to be discouraged. She made the decision to treat all of her obstacles as a learning experience. She was determined to do everything in her power to create a better life for her kids. Shirley, her LFCS case manager became like family to her. 

Sabrina was given a referral for emergency housing assistance, and continued to utilize all of the resources that LFCS had to offer, helping her feel empowered to turn things around for the better. 

Alex and Mykia
Alex & Mykia

One year later, Sabrina celebrated Mykia’s first birthday, and she and her boys are thriving. She now has a home of her own where she lives with Alex (11), Jaydon (8), and Mykia  (1). She is excelling in her job, and is in line for a managerial promotion. Even more inspiring, she is pursuing a college degree in social work, so that she can help other women overcome the same kinds of challenges that she has faced. 

Sabrina acknowledges that being a single mom is tough, and there are still hard days, but she will keep moving forward to ensure a safe and happy life for her kids.