Promise of Family through Adoption


Heather & Longley’s Story

Even before learning they were unable to have biological children, Heather and Longley considered adoption. But as a U.S. Navy test pilot, the couple rarely stayed in one place long enough to even consider the idea. That was until they landed in St. Louis. A three-year commitment gave them enough time to start the process, to complete their home study, and then to wait.

Waiting was the hard part. They knew the fate of their family-to-be was in the hands of a birth family who would chose them.

During that time, Heather and Longley met with their LFCS caseworker to talk about all the what-ifs of becoming a family. They learned about their options as adoptive parents and to better understand the position of birth parents. Through counseling and many conversations, Heather and Longley prepared for parenthood.

Eighteen months later, Isabelle was born. Her birth mother made the difficult, but loving decision to place her daughter with a couple who she felt could provide a life she deserved. And that one choice made Heather, Longley and Isabelle a family.