Meet Tony: An LFCS School Counseling Client


child-929935_1920Tony was referred to school counseling to address his problematic behavior issues in the classroom. He found himself in the office frequently, and was facing grade retention if he continued to be suspended for his behavior. Like many children, Tony had feelings that he was unable to articulate, so he acted them out instead. During time with the LFCS school counselor, Tony revealed that he had been physically abused in his home, and subsequently, a hotline call was made. Tony struggled with his feelings of relief – because he had been listened to and action had been taken  – and his guilt over “telling” a family secret. Tony reported each week that things were getting better at home and that his family was getting help to make sure the abuse would never happen again. The counselor and Tony processed his conflicting feelings many times until one day, Tony said that he made a decision to stop getting into trouble and, true to his word, he has been trouble-free since his announcement. Tony was empowered by his decision to talk about what happened to him, and he got the support he needed. He no longer needed to act out his feelings because things changed for him and his family. Tony is continuing on to the next grade and has every reason to be proud!


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