Love Wins for Baby Mariah


Baby Mariah knows what it is to be loved. Her parents, Samantha and Drew shower her with affection and are committed to giving her a safe and stable childhood. But it hasn’t been an easy road.

Samantha and Drew are just 20-years old. They met shortly after graduating high school and married before turning 19. To most, their odds at a happy and successful life together seemed unlikely for so many reasons.

Neither had been raised with much love or stability. Drew spent much of his childhood alone; his father a single dad who preferred to throw punches and insults rather than support his son. Likewise, Samantha rarely felt loved. Her stepfather abused her for as long as she could remember and when she finally had the courage to speak up, Samantha’s mother refused to believe her.

Children who are victims of domestic violence are 3 times more likely to repeat the cycle in adulthood, as growing up with domestic violence is the most significant predictor of whether or not someone will be engaged in domestic violence later in life.

UNICEF. “Behind Closed Doors”

Before making the choice to marry, Samantha and Drew committed to ending the cycle of abuse. They vowed to be better parents for the children they would raise. They found the support they needed to be successful through LFCS.

When they began receiving services, Mariah was just three-weeks old. Samantha was staying home, forced to quit her part-time job to care for their daughter. Drew was also unemployed following a near-fatal car accident five months prior to Mariah’s birth. He needed multiple surgeries to repair his injuries and was unable to work as a result. While struggling with the realities of life, Samantha and Drew sought help.

LFCS was able to provide parenting education for both Drew and Samantha to reduce the risk of abuse and neglect for Mariah. Drew was connected with the local Career Center to assist with his resume and job search following his recovery. Samantha received support and guidance as she explored job training opportunities and daycare recommendations for Mariah when classes began.

Today Samantha is ready to apply for a medical assistant program and Drew is working full-time in manufacturing. Their marriage is strong and they are proud to be loving parents to their sweet little girl.


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