Congratulations To LFCS Parenting Client Breanna!


Breanna first became involved with Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) in 2017 when she learned she was pregnant with her second child. Her then- 1-year old daughter Cece was keeping her pretty busy, and she felt pretty overwhelmed and decided to reach out to LFCS for help.

Kaitlynn was assigned as Breanna’s LFCS caseworker, and the two developed a great relationship. Kaitlynn provided education and support throughout Breanna’s pregnancy. Later that year, Breanna gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Ellie. She began attending the LFCS Parenting Cafes, which are a wonderful opportunity for clients to take a break and visit with other parents while their children play together under the supervision of the LFCS staff.

“You get to hang out with other friends and other parents and talk about being a parent. It is a comfortable and safe space to talk about any feelings you may have with no interruptions and learn about different parenting topics.”

Breanna, her family, and Kaitlynn pose during a parenting cafe event last fall.

Breanna felt a newfound sense of confidence in her parenting skills and paused her services with LFCS. She began working as a waitress to support her two young daughters. A few years later during the pandemic, the restaurant where she was working closed. After she was involved in a car accident, her stress level was at an all time high. When she learned she was pregnant with her third child, she decided to reach back out to Kaitlynn for help.

Breanna with Cece and Ellie on graduation day

“I would like to let people know that it’s a huge stress relief to work with LFCS- any worries you might have, they help you with.”

During Breanna’s pregnancy, her mother was diagnosed with dementia. Kaitlynn provided information about resources in the community to assist them through that difficult situation.  When Breanna’s third daughter Freya was born, Kaitlynn continued providing support through home visits with Breanna and her children.

When Freya was 3 months old, Kaitlynn encouraged Breanna to pursue her high school diploma through the Goodwill Excel Center in Springfield, MO. Kaitlynn gave her the motivation that she needed to finish her diploma, and ensured that she had the resources she needed so she would be able to focus on her coursework.

“Kaitlynn is like a cheerleader, and she has supported me through so much.”

After two years of hard work, Breanna graduated with her diploma in January 2024! She is now pursuing her certification to become a substitute teacher. This will be an extremely rewarding career for her, and will also work well with her kids’ daycare schedules, allowing a great work/life balance. She and her daughters, Cece (now age 7), Ellie (now age 6), and Freya (now age 2), are thriving. We are so proud of Breanna’s determination and success, and look forward to hearing about her family’s bright future ahead!

Congratulations on your graduation, Breanna, and much luck on your continued success!