LFCS Advocacy Week ~ April 20 – 27


advocacyWhat does advocacy mean to you?
Advocacy: the opportunity to influence those you’ve elected into government office for the benefit of you and your community. You took the time to vote for these officials, so make sure they know what is important to you! As part of our Mission, Lutheran Family & Children’s Services is called to help families, children and individuals experience greater hope and wholeness of life … and issues around child welfare & adoption, health & mental health care, youth protection & development and Missouri’s budget are vital components of that.  LFCS Advocacy works to support the programs and clients of the agency and we can use your help.
Your voice makes a difference!
LFCS provides incredible services such as counseling, adoption, crisis/ unplanned pregnancy assistance, foster care, child care, youth mentoring and disaster response services, which spans nearly every walk of life! We are asking for your support in ensuring that our government officials keep in mind what is best for ALL Missourians, particularly those listed above.  Whether they are a client, a friend, a family member, neighbor, or a church member – this is your chance to make a difference and speak up for those in need. Join the Online Advocacy Network and respond to Action Alerts when your voice can make a difference for children and families.  CLICK HERE
What else can you do?
Advocacy is a crucial component of what we do here at LFCS, but it often goes unseen. Well, today we are asking for your attention and for your support to change that!

1.      Schedule an advocacy presentation at your church or group. Please contact Megan Payne ([email protected]) if you’re interested or want more information!

2.      Use Facebook and Twitter to encourage others to join the Advocacy Network.  Just copy and paste the samples below to share via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Sample Posts/Tweets

Make your voice heard! Join Lutheran Family and Children’s Services Online Advocacy Network today to help ensure policies that support Missouri’s children.  CLICK HERE

Do you want to be an advocate for foster children, at-risk families, pregnant women, individuals with mental health concerns, or those impacted by natural disasters?  Join Lutheran Family & Children’s Services Online Advocacy Network today, CLICK HERE

LFCS Advocacy works to support the programs and clients of Lutheran Family & Children’s Services and improve policies that impact our clients.  Become part of LFCS’s online Advocacy Network today, CLICK HERE.