Letter for a Birth Mom


It has been almost five years since I made an adoption plan with your office for my unborn son.  He was placed in a wonderful loving home and I am eternally grateful for the caring staff I had met while I was making the hardest decision I ever had to make.

I can still remember the day I came in to meet with my case worker, Eileen.  She was such a wonderful caring person and we hit it right off.  I would actually look forward to us meeting.  I needed to make sure I was completely comfortable in my decision and with her help I knew I was making the correct choice.  Eileen referred me to a wonderful counselor to talk to and with the help of both of these wonderful ladies, I was able to choose the perfect family for this little life inside me.  As I look back over the years, I cherish the relationship I have with not only my son, but his parents, and the friends I have made with LFCS.  Your agency has let me also connect with other birth moms for a support group that is much needed.  We have met a few times and it is reassuring to know I was not alone with the feelings I had.  It is very reassuring to know other people know exactly what I went through and can relate 100% with the entire process.

As I move on in my life, I hope to continue having a long relationship with LFCS.  I would love to be able to talk with other birth moms, continue to be on a birth mom panel and be there for your agency as you were there for me.

With much appreciation I want to say one last thing.  Thank you for your knowledge, your ever-giving spirit of your staff and for continuing to give me the support I need as a birth mom.

With best regards to you all,