Kids and Car Rides


A mother of two small children recently made a 14-hour journey from Missouri to the magical world of Disney.  How, you may ask yourself, was she able to help her children avoid having meltdowns from being strapped in a car seat for that long? Here are a two tricks to try with your kids on  your next car ride:

  1. Treats –  Before the trip, pack a simple, carbohydrate-based snack combined with a little protein into snack-size zip lock baggies.  Whenever your kids get grouchy, enthusiastically announce “treat time” and passed them out.  The combination of a simple carb and protein helped children maintain their blood sugar levels and your enthusiasm will make the treat feel special.
  2. Trinkets – Stop in to a dollar store before leaving town and buy a few cheap little trinkets.  Wrap them up as gifts and, at various points throughout the trip, pass them out.  It can be based on time or miles travelled – either way it will give the kids something to look forward to.

Simple ideas like these will help your family enjoy a long trip by car with minimal frustration or discomfort.  And if you add in frequent, child-focused, rest stops along the way for the children to stretch their legs and burn off a little energy, the trip will be even more enjoyable.

Safe travels!