From Uncertainty to Empowerment: Mia’s Story


Life can throw unexpected challenges, leaving us feeling lost and unsure of how to navigate the path ahead. For Jamele “Mia” Jones, her journey with Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) started at a pivotal time, reshaping her trajectory from uncertainty to empowerment.

Now, at age 34, Mia stands as a living testament to the resilience, hope, and transformative impact of LFCS.

Mia Jones 1

Mia’s story is one of determination and growth, marked by her commitment to creating a better life for herself and her three children, ages 10, 6, and 2. Her connection with LFCS began when she was just 21 and expecting her first child. During this period, Mia grappled with the daunting prospect of single motherhood while struggling to find the support and guidance she desperately needed.

“I was a hot mess,” said Mia. “I did not know what to do. I didn’t have much support, and I felt completely lost.”

At this challenging juncture, Mia was referred to LFCS’s Springfield, Missouri office, marking the beginning of a life-altering partnership. 

A Supportive Alliance

LFCS counselors stepped in to provide Mia with the support and resources she required throughout her pregnancy and as she faced the reality of single motherhood. Their guidance and support enabled her to acquire essential coping skills, manage her relationship with her child’s father, and explore options, including adoption.

One exceptional aspect of Mia’s experience was LFCS’s ability to tailor its support to her needs. Recognizing her anxiety about becoming a mother, Mia requested a lifelike infant simulator to help her prepare for parenthood. LFCS went above and beyond to fulfill her request, ensuring she had the tools to confront the challenges ahead confidently.

A Brighter Future

Following the birth of her child, LFCS counselors continued to provide invaluable assistance, helping Mia secure a crib, car seat, and the support of a doula. These resources facilitated her transition into motherhood, allowing her to concentrate on nurturing her child’s development.

LFCS counselors continued addressing immediate needs and helped Mia develop crucial life skills. Budgeting became an integral part of her journey, equipping her with the knowledge to manage her finances effectively. Moreover, the LFCS team encouraged Mia to explore career opportunities aligned with her goals, even as she pursued her dreams in art and entrepreneurship.

Empowering Lives

Throughout Mia’s collaboration with LFCS, guided by compassionate counselors, she discovered the importance of confidence, resilience, and self-empowerment. Mia uncovered her inner strength and mustered the courage to chase her dreams. Today, she not only stands as a mother of three incredible children, with another on the way but also as a burgeoning entrepreneur and founder of a nonprofit.

Mia Jones 4

Mia is the driving force behind the Pacific Community Garden, a nonprofit that aims to teach minorities in Springfield how to cultivate independence through gardening while providing a therapeutic outlet. Her establishment serves as the heart of this initiative. Mia also co-founded the United Community Change, a racial awareness group dedicated to fostering positive change in the community.

A Powerful Reminder

Mia’s remarkable transformation from a young, uncertain mother-to-be to an empowered entrepreneur and community leader exemplifies the life-changing influence of LFCS. Through their collective efforts, LFCS not only helped Mia succeed but inspired her to pay it forward, making a meaningful impact on the lives of others.

Mia’s message to anyone facing a challenging situation is hope and encouragement. “Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Contact LFCS and let them guide you towards your needed resources and support. You’ll build relationships that last a lifetime, gain valuable skills, and discover your strengths.”