How Domestic Violence Impacts Children


When we hear the words “domestic violence,” it is probably not children who immediately enter our minds. However, children are profoundly impacted by domestic violence in their homes. According to Children of Domestic Violence, 90% of parents who currently engage in domestic violence believe that their children do not know about it. However, when asking the children, actually 90% are aware of what is happening.

Research has shown the significant impact that domestic violence has on children who witness it. According to Children of Domestic Violence, children who witness domestic violence are six times more likely to commit suicide, 50 times for likely to abuse drugs and alcohol, and 74 times more likely to commit violent crimes against others. Although this kind of trauma can affect children in different ways, they may experience anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, nightmares, difficulty concentrating, physical health problems, and behavioral problems. Additionally, children may develop low self-esteem and unhealthy relationship patterns. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, males exposed to domestic violence as children are more likely to engage in domestic violence as adults, and females exposed are more likely to become victims.

If you are a child or teen experiencing domestic violence in the home, you need to tell someone. Remember that it is not your fault and you are not responsible for your parents’ actions. If you are an adult who is experiencing domestic violence, think about the profound impact that it is having on both your children and yourself and seek help. There are many wonderful resources available to you, including the National Domestic Violence Hotline.