A Day as a School Counselor


Maybe you’re wondering what exactly a school counselor does in a “typical” day. Maybe you’re picturing your high school guidance counselor sitting behind a desk talking about your schedule next semester. Maybe you’re picturing a cheerful counselor giving some inspirational speech about staying in school to a class of bored middle schoolers.  Or, maybe you’ve never met a school counselor and aren’t picturing anything.  Let me give you a glimpse into what an LFCS school based counselor might do on an average day.

8am – Morning staff meeting. Hear updates on what has happened since the last time you were at school.  Hear updates on what is happening today.  On the way out the door, a teacher requests that you come by her class to talk about some concerns she has.

8:15am – Check emails, get organized for day. Map out and review your game plan and which students you hope to be able to see.  Several teachers stop by to let you know about new concerns with students.

8:20am – Greet energetic kids as they come into school for the day. Get lots hellos, hugs and high fives.  Every student wants to know, “When are you gonna get me?!?”

8:30am – Meet with a first grader trying to cope with the loss of dad. Work on a memory box in session.

9am – Meet with a fifth grader that just found out she has to switch schools. Talk about the pros and cons and try to give her a more positive outlook.

9:30am – Meet with a 6th grader that just got an in school suspension for speaking inappropriately to a teacher. Talk about better (more appropriate) ways to express himself if upset.

10:30am – Meet with an 8th grader that was newly referred for “anger” issues by the teacher.  Start building rapport and trying to assess if “anger” is the problem.

11:30am – Lunch! Eat at your desk while checking emails, calling parents back, and checking in with teachers as they head to the lunch room. Chat with the principal about anything unusual that has happened that week.

12:00pm – Meet with a fourth grader struggling with social skills. Create a social story about how to start a conversation with peers.

12:30pm – Facilitate a fourth grade girls group. Focus of the group is peer relationships as the girls are struggling to get along in class.

1:30pm – Fifth grade teacher requests you speak to her class about bullying. Facilitate a class discussion.

2:30pm – Wrap up your day! Emails, follow up with parents regarding any concerns, follow up with teachers, complete daily documentation.

3pm – School’s out and the day is complete. End the day as it was started, with goodbyes, hugs and high fives. All is well in the busy day of a school counselor.