What is Youth Mentoring and Development and Why is it Important?


What is a mentor? A mentor is a person or a friend who guides a less experienced person through various aspects of life by building a relationship based on trust and positive behaviors. Youth mentoring guarantees a young person that they are not alone. Whether a young person is studying for a test, looking for a part-time job, or making plans for college, LFCS mentor/development staff are there to guide and help the participating youth through various situations.

Youth who become involved in mentoring programs reduce their risk factors for things such as substance abuse, teen parenthood, poor grades, low self-esteem, criminal and discipline behaviors, dropping out of school, and so many more. It is important that youth have a non-parental role models who will maintain a healthy relationship and help in developmental issues.

LFCS youth programs provide support in daily living, school and planning for the future.  LFCS staff help kids improve on academic skills and assist with self-esteem and communication skills. Moreover, our mentorship and development programs help young people develop career goals, find internship/job opportunities, and navigate the many choices they have before them.

Effective youth mentoring has numerous benefits. It provides valuable support to the youth and ensures a smooth transition onto adulthood. It also provides youth leadership with interpersonal and problem solving skills. Youth mentoring provides the added relief and fun experience that children need to help them develop into caring and responsible adults.