Why is my child struggling in school?


If your child is struggling in school, it is important to look at the “big picture” and consider a number of possible factors. Perhaps you may think that your child is not trying hard enough or doesn’t care, but acting like he or she does not care may actually be a coping mechanism.

This article on Psych Central explains several different reasons that your child may be performing poorly in school. Perhaps the child has a cognitive deficit or a learning disability. A child should be tested by a psychologist to determine this, and you can request testing through your child’s school. It is important to also consider any potential stressors in the child’s life. Have there been any changes at home that may be affecting your child? Talk to your child about their feelings and worries, whether these seem related to school or home, and seek professional help if needed. There is also the possibility that your child may have Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or another mental health disorder like anxiety or depression. If they seem to have trouble concentrating, this does not necessarily mean they have ADHD. A mental health professional can determine the appropriate diagnosis, as well as treatment options.

If you have concerns about your child’s performance in school, first look at all the factors. Every child is unique, and there are actually many more possible issues than the ones discussed above. Depending on your child’s age, first speak to them about why they think they are struggling. Communicate with their teacher and possibly the school counselor, as well. Perhaps there is bullying occurring or your child is struggling socially. Request testing or take your child to a mental health professional if you feel it is needed.