What is Leadership?


Step UPOver 3,000 kids (and growing) participate in LFCS’ Youth Development Programs — programs like CHOICES, CALL and STEP-Up that provide children and teens in our community with training, skills and opportunities to be their best.

What do the youth get out of participating in youth leadership and engagement programs?

Five areas of competency that distinguish leaders and shape youth leadership development efforts:

  1. Communication- public speaking/writing, and engaging the participation of others
  2. Teamwork– respecting others, performing roles of both leader and follower, building on strengths, and commitment to free group input and expression
  3. Personal Identity – understanding the relationship between oneself and the community, pride in being a member of a larger group, awareness of areas for self-improvement, taking responsibility for one’s actions and the resulting consequences
  4. Professionalism-demonstrating tactfulness, understanding protocols, appropriate dress and action given appraisal of context, delivering quality work, positively presenting oneself to others
  5. Project Management-setting goals/developing action steps, meeting facilitation, reflection, distinguishing between one’s interests and community needs

Youth need opportunities to both learn about and practice leadership, in meaningful and authentic ways.

To learn more about our Youth Development Programs and how your child or school can benefit, contact Lee at 314-754-2766 or [email protected].