What is a Mother?


We traditionally celebrate the wonderful women in our lives on Mother’s Day. This May, LFCS honors the vital role moms have in a child’s life – a role that comes in many forms…biological moms, adoptive moms, foster moms, grandmothers, and other women who are raising the youngest generation. We felt no one could explain the importance of these women better than kids themselves so we asked, “What is a mother?” Here are the responses we received.

“Moms take care of kids. She has to feed them, and water them, and give them baths. Moms do everything.” Eric, age 9

“She is there for me when I need her.”  Charlotte, age 10

“She feeds me and she put a binky in my mouth when I was a baby.” Chance, age 4

“She gives me everything.” Jarod, age 4

“When I am sleepy, she covers me up.” Lance, age 5

“A mom means you always have a full stomach.” Chuck, age 13

“My best friend.” Maggie, age 11

“She gives me snacks and robot toys.” Harry, age 5

“Mommy is a lady.” Tallulah, age 2

“Hmmm, I don’t know… Family.” Ean, age 8

“To have a mom is to have someone that cares for you and would do anything  to make you happy. She has your back when no one else does.” Trinity, age 15

“It feels good to have a Mom. Moms are pretty.” Lewis, age 4

“Moms kiss you. They cook and take care of you.” Mila, age 5

“It’s a Mona.” (foster grandma) Natalie, age 3

“The person that takes care of me.” Caleb, age 10

“Somebody who picks me up from school.” Benton, age 3

“Being a mother is taking care of your children.” Joseph, age 7

“She puts me in the bathtub.” Keon, age 3

“My mama has babies.” Callie, age 3

“It’s a special love only one person can generate and feel about someone else. They’re perfect in every way possible.” Ava, 10

“She plays with me.” Marc, age 5

“She takes me to school and the store or wherever I want to go.” Juliette, age 5

“Loving, helpful.”  Jordan, age 12

“My mommy takes care of me and she goes to work.” Trent, age 5

“A mom is…a lady that’ll always be my protector and always have my back no matter what.” Bre, age 10

“They go to work and the gym and she gives me toys.” Carter, age 5

“She gives me hugs and candy.” Bree, age 5

“She has long hair and wears necklaces.” Trevor, age 4

“A mom means you always have love and support in anything you do.” Maelynn, age 11

“She wears a headband and long braids.” Ariel, age 4

“She helps me get cereal.” Mckenna, age 4

“She’s amazing.” Ava, age 12

For over 150 years, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services has made every effort to serve women and honor them in the roles they play. Join us in wishing all those raising today’s children a very happy Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day Prayer