The Merits of Meditation


meditationThe benefits of meditation range from a great ability to sleep peacefully to enhanced memory retention.  The physical and mental benefits may be evident to anyone who regularly relies on deep breathing techniques (focused methods of breathing in which people inhale and exhale in a conscious, deliberate, and slow manner).  Those who practice it may notice that it swiftly slows their heart rate, for example.  Guided meditation, whereby people may focus on extending and pacing their breathing while listening to a calming script, can help change the subject of negative thoughts.

Recently, researchers have shown that meditation actually alters the neurochemicals released by the brain.  What this means is that the practice of meditation can influence the release of positive chemicals, which make you feel pleasure and peacefulness.  Meditation can change the chemical makeup and very structure of your brain.

There are many free resources online for those who wish to begin or enhance a meditation practice.  If you are interested in trying meditation, you might search YouTube for an instructional video, such as “How to do deep breathing for relaxation,” “Guided meditation for beginners,” or “Guided meditation for a stress free sleep.”  There are thousands of free meditation videos available online, so you can easily access meditations spoken by various voices on a variety of subjects.