Thank you to all our social workers


Every March, social workers across the country are recognized and thanked for their resourcefulness, creativity, and passion for helping those in need. LFCS currently employs over 150 social workers & case managers who provide pregnancy support, parenting education, adoption services, foster care case management, child development services, and community prevention, across the state of Missouri. We are so proud of their dedication and the relationships they build with our clients. Thank you for the many ways that you keep Missouri children and families safer and stronger together:


  • Thank you for understanding. You don’t judge clients for mistakes or hardships but instead validate their struggle and encourage them to build a better future for themselves and their families.
  • Thank you for being supportive. Many clients do not have supportive relationships in their lives. You believe in your clients and help them to believe in themselves too.
  • Thank you for being resourceful. Clients sometimes need a variety of assistance: information, guidance, community resources, transportation, housing, and employment, to name a few. You work alongside these families to help them get what they need and empower them through the process.
  • Thank you for being committed. Clients may stumble, become frustrated, or want to give up during their journey. You provide a constant source of hope to help our clients weather life’s storms.
  • Thank you for believing. You believe that everyone is capable of living a happy and healthy life. Your faith in our clients reflects the love of Christ into their lives and their hearts.

From everyone at Lutheran Family and Children’s Service of Missouri, thank you for being a social worker!