Providing Services in Southwest Missouri



Our Southwest Missouri office is located in Springfield, Missouri but we cover 28 counties across Missouri — from Joplin to Rolla and Clinton to south of Branson. We are here to serve you!  Our region has three main programs:

  1. Pregnancy Counseling: This program is geared for families who are pregnant and in crisis. We offer hope to these families through case management and counseling services by professional social workers.  For families who are planning to parent, we can work with you throughout your pregnancy and until the baby is one year old! For families who are considering adoption for your unborn baby, we will be happy to talk with you about your options and what is best for your baby. Call our office at 417-862-1972 if you are interested in learning more about our programs for pregnant women and families!
  2. Adoption Services: We offer adoption services for families who would like to expand their families through the blessing of adoption. Whatever kind of adoption you are interested in, we can likely assist your family! Whether you are most interested in domestic infant, independent, international, or embryo adoption, please call us at 417-862-1972 to learn more about our specific programs. We will provide your family with the required home study report and post placement services to ensure that your adoption is successful and your adoption journey is as smooth as possible. If you are unsure of which adoption program is right for your family, we will be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities!
  3. Foster Parent Services: We also work with foster families who are specifically trained to provide temporary care to children who have been abused or neglected and are in the state foster care system. The program is called Springfield Partners, which is a collaborative effort between LFCS, Alternative Opportunities, Inc. and Good Samaritan Boys Ranch. Greene County has one of the highest rates of child abuse and neglect in Missouri, and we need your help to care for foster children. We provide foster/adoption services, as well. Please contact our office at 417-862-1972 to learn more about this program.

Our region is excited to blog about the activities and events for our region! We hope the information you read in our blog is helpful and encourages you. If you would like to learn more about our region and the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are here to help.