Promise of Safety – Recovering from Abuse

Bentley was just four-months old when he was brought into the care of LFCS. After his birth parents shook and suffocated him to near death, he spent three weeks in the ICU recovering. The abuse left Bentley blind and with a feeding tube. That was just the beginning of the diagnoses. Doctors expected multiple physical disabilities to appear throughout his recovery, as well as developmental delays. The outlook was not promising for Bentley.

Patrice was told of Bentley’s experience and injuries and she knew she could help. As a foster parent for more than 20 years, she had cared for children with special needs before. Bentley was placed in her care and his journey to recovery began.

Patrice refused to accept the doctors’ predictions. She found therapies to address his delays and spent countless hours addressing his needs. In just two years, Bentley made huge strides. He was able to sit up on his own, was learning to communicate and could even smile when he was happy. It was time for him to have a forever home.

A family interested in adopting through foster care had been working with LFCS and was told about Bentley. They agreed to meet with him and Patrice. They fell in love with this sweet little boy and soon made plans to adopt him.

Although forever scarred by the abuse, Bentley is now thriving because of the love he is shown.


Twice a year, LFCS provides Elevated Needs Training for foster parents. This and other available trainings prepare foster parents to care for children with special needs and, ultimately, reduce the risk of abuse. For questions about upcoming Foster Parent Training opportunities, contact Lisa.