A Promise of Love – Senior Care


Is it possible to support an aging parent when you do not live in the same community? Is it possible for others to show the same level of love and care you have? Proper care can make all the difference. LFCS can be there when you can’t.

Sue lived alone in Southeast Missouri. Her husband passed away two years ago and now her health was beginning to decline as well. She didn’t like to admit it, especially to her son David who lived in Florida, but the past few months had been challenging. Just last week Sue misplaced a few medications and gotten lost while driving through her neighborhood. Although Sue had a caregiver to help two days a week, it was becoming apparent that she needed more consistent care.

David needed to know his mother was being cared for in the way in which he would if he lived nearby. Sue needed an advocate and someone to care for her needs. David hoped there were services in the area that could help them both.

During a conversation with his friend in Missouri, David shared his mother’s challenges. The friend recommended LFCS as an option of support. David called right away and scheduled a home visit with Sue the following week. The LFCS Case Manager sensed the urgency in David’s voice. She could sense he was afraid for his mother’s safety.

The day after the LFCS case manager met with Sue, she fell while taking the trash out. She was rushed to the hospital and was admitted for a broken hip. David flew to Missouri be by his mother’s side, but could stay for a few days. He felt torn between supporting his mother in her time of need and being present for his wife and kids back home. How could he choose between the people he loved most?

While in town, David again called the LFCS case manager to discuss next steps. The doctors felt it was a risk for Sue to be living independently and recommended an assisted living facility that offered round-the-clock care. David knew Sue would be devastated by her loss of independence, but that it was the only solution. He talked about his fears with the case manager and she offered great insight and reassurance.

David flew back to Florida the following morning after visiting his mother about what was to come. He knew LFCS would be her advocate while he was away. They both felt grateful to have such loving support to help them adjust to their new normal.


Senior care is a program specific to our Southeast Missouri region. To learn more about this region, click here.