Promise of a Future


Kim is 20 years old and full of promise for her future. You would never know her years of struggle and heartbreak at first glance.

She entered foster care for the first time as a baby, after her mom lost custody of her and her brothers. Kim’s father eventually became her guardian. But after he died from cancer when Kim was just 14, the teen endured the heartbreak of being without a home or family once again.

With help from friends like you and foster care case management from Lutheran Family and Children’s Services, Kim has journeyed a long way over the past five years. Her LFCS case worker Sarah calls this young lady “funny, spunky, and very driven to reach her goals.”


Tell me about yourself…

I am currently attending Florissant Valley Community College and I am majoring in pediatric nursing. I am also working full time at a daycare. My life might sound pretty boring. I go to work and school. My grades at school are pretty good.


How has LFCS helped you?

Sarah helps me by making sure I do what I have to do, especially with school. She’s also on top of me about my job and my savings. She makes sure I am good financially.


What are you goals for your future?

I want to have a house, a car, and a family of my own that I can love.


Is there anything you want Sarah to know?

I want her to know how thankful I am for everything she’s done. She stood with me through it all.


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