Meet David




David was born in St. Louis in April of 1968. In May of that same year, his adoption of finalized and he became the son of Joe and Loretta Pennington. “I was raised by the most incredible parents in a home filled with love,” said David. He grew up surrounded by the lush green landscape of Southwest Missouri with his adopted sister, Sara.

Today, he works as the Chief Brand Officer for a St. Louis digital agency and is the father to 3 amazing children.  In his spare time, he runs and cycles to stay healthy, but also to raise money for charities that inspire him.  Recently, David joined the Board of Directors for LFCS and volunteers additional time to serve on the marketing committee.  When asked why he is compelled to serve, David said, “I’m constantly inspired by LFCS and the continued passion for helping families across the state of MO.”

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