Holidays during a Pandemic


Coping with the holiday’s in the midst of a pandemic

The holidays are often a stressful and demanding time. Adding the pandemic into the mix can make this year seem downright unbearable. However, we would like to share some practical tips that can minimize the stress and hopefully add joy into the this unusual holiday season.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings. Realize the sadness or grief you feel with not being with loved ones is ok and normal. We can’t force being happy even during the holidays.
  2. Reach out. Find ways to keep yourself connected. Online support groups, virtual events and community events can offer support and companionship.
  3. Be realistic. Since we can’t all be together during this season, try to figure out unique ways to celebrate together. Video calls, text, calls and sharing videos are all options to share familiar traditions.
  4. Set aside differences. We are all feeling the stress and roller coaster of emotions of the holidays. Try putting aside negative feelings until a more suitable time for discussion.
  5. Stick to a budget. With the pandemic came financial difficulties that have come in all shapes and sizes. Come up with how much money you can afford before buying. Try not to buy happiness.
  6. Plan ahead. Try setting times for specific activities. Planning ahead can help reduce stress and avoids last minute scrambling.
  7. Learn to say no.
  8. Don’t abandon healthy habits. Get plenty of sleep. Eat healthy snacks to help with over indulgence. Avoid excessive alcohol and drug use. Use healthy coping skills. Overindulgence will only add to the strain and guilt.
  9. Take a breather. Make sure to take some time for yourself. Taking a break can help refresh and help with clearing your mind and restoring peace. Read a book. Knit. Take a walk.
  10. Seek professional help if needed. Even with all of the hard work, feeling down, sad and overwhelmed is still possible. Please reach out to your doctor or e mental health professional as soon as you can.