Do you struggle to find happiness in your life? If so, there are ways to increase your happiness.

Try one (or all) of these easy, yet impactful practices the next time you are struggling to see the positives in your life:

Keep a gratitude journal.
There are a few different ways to reflect gratitude.  One way is a gratitude visit.  Write a letter to someone who has helped you, but who you have never thanked.  Then, deliver and read that letter to the person you wrote about. Or keep a journal of three good things that happen to you every day.  Repeat this practice every day for two weeks.  The good things can not be repeated.

Practice acts of kindness.
Practice five acts of kindness one day a week for four weeks, and then reflect on the experience.

Unplug and connect.
This is exactly what it sounds like! Unplug from your electronics, and connect fully with those in your life.

Be nice to yourself; Practice self-compassion.
Write a letter of self-compassion. Take the perspective of a trusted, loved one and imagine what this person would say.

Practice forgiveness.
Holding onto the wrong doings of others can negatively impact your happiness.  Write a forgiveness letter to someone who has hurt you in some way. This letter does not have to be delivered, as the practice of outward expression of forgiveness is the key element to this practice.


The above principles are practical, evidence-based positive psychology interventions. Each method can be used by nearly anyone for most challenges with happiness. Give them a try and see how much happier you feel.