How do I become a Foster/Adopt Parent?


Enroll in STARS training at LFCS:

The free, 27 hour foster parent training program that will prepare you to meet the five foster care competencies:

  •    protect and nurture foster children
  •    meet children’s developmental needs and address developmental delays
  •    support relationships between children and their families
  •    connect children with safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime
  •    work as a member of a professional team

Participate in a home study:

As part of the evaluation process, home visits will be scheduled to enable your licensing worker to get know your family, answer any questions, and ensure that you understand foster home expectations.

Complete the required background checks:

Including: fingerprinting for criminal background, Child Abuse Neglect, Family Care Safety Registry, and driving record. Also required are 3 personal references, employer references, school references for all children in the home and physicals for all family members. We will discuss if you have lived in any other states as an adult.

Enroll in Spaulding Adoption Training, if interested:

A free, 12 hour training program that is available to licensed foster parents to qualify them to become adoptive parents!

We are especially seeking families who are willing to care for children and youth ages 5 and older, sibling groups, children with behavioral or medical challenges, children from minority groups and teenage girls who are pregnant or currently parenting. Because of the urgent need for foster homes to meet the needs of this population, we will give those prospective parents that can meet that need our top priority in securing a spot in our upcoming STARS classes.