8 Truths about Birth Moms



There are many misconceptions wen it comes to birth moms, also known as women who choose to make an adoption plan.  Read below to learn eight important facts that anyone considering adoption should know.

  1. Birth moms love their babies/children. The sacrifice to make an adoption plan is tremendous.
  2. They will always be part of their child’s adoption story. There is no way to remove the birth family from the child’s curiosity about their own origin.
  3. They very often refer to their adopted child as “my son”, “my daughter”, or “my baby”. These terms are not meant to usurp the adoptive family’s role, but rather as an acknowledgement of the pregnancy and biological connection to the child.
  4. Even if she wants a relatively closed adoption, a birth mom will want to feel confident that her decision was the best one for her baby.
  5. Birth moms often like to feel that they are part of a miracle for adoptive family. This positive reinforcement may help ease feelings of grief and loss.
  6. They may experience periods of regret, but they do not intend to try to get their children back. This is simply an understandable human emotion similar to grief and loss.
  7. The relationship between a birth mom and her adopted child lasts a lifetime and requires work to maintain (just like any relationship). Although it may be challenging at times, it is always worthwhile for a child to have a bridge to his/her birth family.
  8. Agencies like LFCS can help facilitate contact with birth moms, even until the child reaches adulthood.

To learn more about LFCS programs available to women considering adoption, click here or watch this video account from Mary, a birth mom who came to LFCS to make her adoption plan.