A Promise to Serve – Fundraising


In 2018, Lutheran Family and Children’s Services (LFCS) is celebrating its 150th anniversary with the theme “Promise.” One-hundred fifty years ago, Rev. Johann Buenger made a promise to help one young boy. Today, more than 46,000 children and families in Missouri receive services each year as our promise continues. To show our continued commitment to those we serve, we wanted to highlight a few people who make it possible for you to receive the support you need. Help us celebrate these shining examples of our mission brought to life.

Michelle Ramsey

Regional Development Officer, Foundation

Q: How long have you worked for LFCS?  
A: I have been working at LFCS for almost three years.

Q: What services do you provide to our clients? 
A: My role at LFCS is to raise the much needed funds that allow us to continue to provide services to women, children and families facing times of crisis- primarily in the Southeast Missouri region.  

Q: In what way do you feel like you are fulfilling a promise to those you serve? 
A: I am fulfilling my promise to our clients by working tirelessly to meet the financial needs of the LFCS organization through my fundraising efforts.  This includes two special events- the LFCS Annual Holiday Home Tour, and the LFCS Kentucky Derby Party; securing major gift donations from constituents and corporations; soliciting area business owners and individuals for tax credit donations; and building and maintaining relationships with area church congregations, schools, and many civic and social organizations to share the mission of LFCS.

Q: What is a typical day like for you at LFCS? 
A: No two days are ever the same in my position.  A great deal of my time is spent establishing, building and solidifying relationships with donors and potential donors.  Our two special events also take up a large portion of my time with the planning, organizing, and solicitation of sponsors, meeting with the planning committees, etc.  I also find myself networking frequently at area Chamber of Commerce events and functions.  In my spare time, I usually  have a couple handfuls of emails and phone calls to return, as well as the typical paperwork to complete as needed.

Q: What is your favorite part of working at LFCS?
A: I absolutely LOVE everything that LFCS stands for- offering a hand-up to those facing difficulty in their lives, while providing them with hope for a better tomorrow.  I thoroughly enjoy all of my co-workers and the camaraderie we share across the organization to all do our parts to continue to provide these life-changing services.


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