An Introduction to LFCS Disaster Services


Lutheran Family and Children’s Services of Missouri (LFCS) has served as the designated Lutheran disaster response and recovery agency in Missouri for over 20 years. We are a recognized leader in NGO disaster response and recovery services, working with public and private organizations to bring relief to impacted individuals in Missouri and Alabama (post-Katrina). Significant responses have included:

  • Massive Missouri flooding in 1993-94. Recovery activities included disaster case management, housing repair, volunteer coordination, and job training. During this recovery LFCS was a leader in establishing the Missouri Interfaith Disaster Response Organization (MIDRO), a collaborative of numerous faith based groups providing disaster recovery services across the state. LFCS continues to play a leading role in this organization.
  • Missouri tornadoes of 2003. During the spring and summer of 2003 Missouri was impacted by over 70 tornadoes causing massive destruction across the state. LFCS lead case management and reconstruction efforts in locations throughout the impacted areas.
  • Hurricane Katrina recovery in both Alabama and Missouri. Following Katrina, LFCS was asked to coordinate Lutheran Disaster Response recovery efforts in Mobile County, Alabama. We established an extensive recovery operation employing 45 staff which provided case management, volunteer coordination, and home repair/reconstruction. Our impact included:
    • 1300 client cases processed , 9000+ volunteers coordinated, 115 homes repaired or rebuilt
    • 2000 children attended 48 Camp Noahs
    • Cited as leading Katrina Aid Today (KAT) case management agency and provided case management for over 200 evacuee families in Missouri
    • Provided over $150,000 in direct assistance
    • Coordinated volunteer relief groups to the Gulf Coast
  • Missouri tornadoes and flooding of 2011. LFCS served as Management Agency for Missouri’s first FEMA funded Disaster Case Management Program ($5.2M). Through a network of four sub-contractors, the MoDCMP served in excess of 2,500 households and leveraged over $9.2M in disaster services.

In addition to these major recovery efforts, LFCS has been integrally involved in providing material and technical assistance throughout the state for non-declared events. This assistance has included funding for case management and direct assistance, as well as technical assistance to assist communities with the development and coordination of Long-Term Recovery Committees (LTRCs) and Community Organizations Active in Disaster (COADs).

LFCS remains heavily involved in state and local disaster organizations such as the Missouri Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters ( and the Governor’s Faith-Based and Community Partnership for Disaster Recovery ( Currently, LFCS Disaster Services staff consists of the Director who also co-chairs the Missouri State Disaster Case Management Committee. In order to most effectively serve disaster affected Missourians, LFCS hopes to grow its Disaster Services staff. Capacity building and sustainability are at the forefront of current strategic planning efforts. Please contact us at 314.787.5100 to learn more.