Free Mental Health Services for Adults


New funding provides FREE mental health counseling to adults (20 and older) who live in St. Louis County.

Thanks to St. Louis County CARES, LFCS is offering mental health services to adults who may be uninsured or unable to pay for counseling. LFCS therapists are trained in evidence-based, research-informed, and trauma-informed practices. This approach is even more relevant as we manage the effects of a global pandemic. Are you experiencing serious emotional, behavioral, or mental health symptoms?  Are your trauma histories impacting your daily functioning, family and peer relationships, and work/school performance? Let LFCS help you through these challenging times.

Effective mental health intervention can:

  • Teach individuals coping mechanisms to deal with depression, anxiety, and stress
  • Keep individuals and families functioning in a healthy, productive manner
  • Prevent substance abuse that may result from untreated issues
  • Decrease the frequency of suicidal ideations and attempts
  • Reduce the number of psychiatric emergency room visits and hospitalizations or incarcerations as a result from lack of treatment

Call 314-787-5100 today or click here to begin your journey to becoming mentally healthy.

Please note: Funding requires that clients must live in St. Louis County to qualify for free services.