Counseling for Older Adults

Assistance is available to help you address a wide variety of concerns that face older adults.  Confidential services are provided free of charge by a licensed professional counselor to anyone 60 and over who is a resident of Cape Girardeau County.  Sessions are available in the office, in home and via telehealth in order to serve you better.  LFCS provides services to all regardless of religion, race or ethnic background.

Topics Frequently Addresses in Older Adult Counseling:

Caregiving:  Are you caring for a spouse, parent or other loved one?  Do you have an active role in raising grandchildren or other young children in the family? Managing these responsibilities can be challenging.

Grief and Loss:  Navigating the changes that come with losing someone you love can be difficult and it helps to have someone to assist you on that journey.

Relationship Issues:  Couples counseling is available for those over 60.  You may find yourself dealing with being newly single for the first time.

Anxiety and Depression:  Whether you have a preexisting mental health condition or you are facing issues such as anxiety and depression for the first time, counseling can help you reduce your symptoms.


Support Group

Looking for emotional support in a group setting? A free Caregiver Support Group is also available for those who care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, those recovering from strokes or other disabilities.

Group participants:

  • Share activities to do with those they are caring for
  • Learn to cope with difficult behaviors
  • Help deal with gradual decline and losses
  • Learn to care for themselves

Meetings are held every Tuesday at 2:00pm at the Southeast Missouri LFCS office in Cape Girardeau.

(Due to the pandemic please call ahead at 573-708-6351 and RSVP and we are limiting the number of participants to ensure our client’s safety.)

Groups on other topics may become available in the future. Please check in with us.


Contact the Southeast Office to learn more.